The Bliss Body Wisdom Program

Live online course begins November 1, 2023

Spiritually Based Trauma Informed Coaching for Women

  • Experience more calm & peace

  • Forgive & release past trauma

  • Gain true self love & acceptance

  • Heal deep patterns of shame

  • Feel your spiritual connection

  • Create a healthy relationship with your body

  • Turn your wounds into wisdom

  • Deeply trust your inner knowing

6 Live Weekly Webinars

(recordings included)

Somatic Embodiment Practices

November 1 - December 6, 2023

Bonuses Included:

1:1 Blissful Breathwork Session

Bonus Video on Trauma & Relationship Dynamics

Bliss Body Wisdom Workbook PDF

Private Facebook Group

Each Module Includes:

Guided Meditation Recording

Weekly Homeplay Assignments

Bliss Body Building Practices

What clients are saying...

"Barbara has been my angel on earth. At my lowest point of the year I found her, and since then she has been my mentor, shoulder, guide, and has helped me learn to love myself again. Without the guidance of her this past year, I don't know where I would be. She helped me find the strength within myself that I thought I had lost. She has given me the tools to help me work on myself. I am eternally grateful."

Nicole D., Wisconsin

"Before I met Barbara I had been in and out of talk therapy for years, trying to find the right person. I was really ready for deeper healing. Within the first 2 sessions with Barbara I got everything I had been searching for. I feel Barbara is the whole package. She guides you to your inner truth, and she is radically honest and reminds you of who you are, and your worth, and value in the world. She has such a great approach, I know she can help people from all walks of life."

Holly L., Arizona

"Barbara created such a powerful experience for me during our time together. She is a wonderful teacher and guide. My therapist and I both agree that spending six hours with Barbara was comparable to six days in a residential personal growth workshop. she taught me of intimacy and deep heart connection, I was brought to tears by her gentleness and loving compassion ~ and her amazing, wonderful, and beautiful heart."

Stephanie B., Illinois

"The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure that you seek."

Joseph Campbell

Healing shame, fear, and trauma require a safe space.

Allow yourself to be guided and supported in a way that will allow you to feel safe and empowered to explore those deep wounds.

When we step into our Bliss Body Wisdom, we create a new opportunity for a life that feels expansive, creative, healthy, and free.

If trauma and shame patterns are holding you back, this course is for you.

Meet Barbara

In my life I have experienced my share of difficulties, challenges, and painful relationships.

What I didn't know is that all of my experiences were informed by deep trauma, shame, and fear I was holding in my body.

You see, shame had already begun to set in at a very young age. I have a recording of my 2nd birthday. My dad came home from work, and the first thing my mom says is, “Barbara tell you daddy why you got a spanking.” And little me says, “Because I’m a bad girl.”

And so it begins.

Over the years, whether it was the yelling, spanking, or grounding, the shaming continued. As a teenager and young adult I was told I was worthless. More shame.

I became sexually active at 16, and that turned to promiscuity (another shame based word geared toward women). And then , I threw some more shame, unknowingly, into myself…because that’s what I was and what I deserved.

Because of the trauma and shame, my energy would go to people pleasing and making sure I had at least one man feeding my false sense of worth and love-ability. I learned (and believed) from a young age that to get anything I had to give them what they want.

These imprints and conditionings served to cut me off from my Bliss Body - or my Authentic True Self.

Somehow, I was very high functioning in all of this, and was seeking my own healing at a young age.

I have been studying the mind-body connection, spirituality, metaphysics, as well as human pattering since I was about 18. My college studies were based in Psychology and Sociology. As my spiritual path unfolded I knew becoming a traditional therapist was not for me.

After receiving my Bachelor's degree in Human Development from CSULB, I went on to work for 5 years for Orange County Mental Health as a counselor to homeless mentally ill adults. I consider this to be my "Ph.d" in human being-ness.

While working at the Homeless Center, I also began my healing work as a massage therapist and yoga instructor.

Later, I became a raw food chef, and began teaching and making food for people.

I was working with a lot of women, and my work evolved into more emotional and spiritual based healing. I was studying Tantra, Sexual Healing, Emotional Healing, and learning through my own relationships and life experience about my own patterns, imprints, shame and fear patterns. And while I have always known I was to be of service to others, I also knew I was pursuing my own healing path. I couldn’t take anyone where I had not travelled. There is a saying, “You teach what you most need to learn.” That could have not been more true for me.

I have been fascinated by the healing process and have continued to train in different modalities, for most of my adult life. I have deeply studied trauma and somatic healing for the last decade, and continue to do so.

For the last 25 years I have had a small word of mouth private practice. For the last 16 years, I have also been an independent contractor (healing practitioner) for a Premier Retreat Company in Sedona Arizona.

This amazing organization creates 1:1 customized healing & spiritual retreats as well as group retreats. Over the years I have literally worked with thousands of people from all over the world. I still love working with this company. I fills my heart to see people truly have transformations, regardless of where they are on their healing path.

With that said, I have also known for some time that I wanted to bring my deeper gifts out to more people. Honestly, I have been stuck. Stuck with some of the very things I am here to teach! I had to again, go deeper into myself. Feel the fear and the deep deep "hidden in plain sight" shame that had been stopping me from showing up fully. I didn’t really want to be seen, after all I was so good at hiding and playing invisible.

Shame makes us want to hide. And hide I did. The bigger problem? I was playing hide and seek from my own true self, and I became a master at that game. When I finally began to breathe love and life into my body, the shame and old fear patterns began to dissolve.

It wasn't painful or dramatic. In fact, the more I surrendered to breathing into the feeling in the body, the easier the healing occurred.

Healing happens when we approach it with curiosity, fascination, and a bit of humor.

This is what I am here to share with you.

May you be blessed and full of bliss,


Sedona, Arizona



Sedona, AZ

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